Month: January 2019

How To Pump Up The Bass on Your Car Stereo

Traveling and long drives always capture attention. These moments are incomplete without music. As music has become an essential luxury, therefore, it is important to be of high quality and resolution. However, most of the times, people are unaware of the strategies of upgrading car stereos and audio system. They want to enjoy the music at its best but also want to avoid a piece of low-quality music. In such cases, it becomes necessary that you know about pumping up the bass in the car stereo. 

People misinterpret that pumping up bass means getting an additional bass which means exposing off your wallet and money. However, this wrong. Getting new stuff is neither the way to fix a bug nor a proper strategy of sorting it out. If you possess certain things, like subwoofer and amplifier, you can easily tune up your system and can pump up the bass in your car stereo. You have to set up certain things on your own as the built-in speakers and amplifiers of the car are very small and not powerful enough to generate a bass which is distortion free. 

However, if you do not have a subwoofer and want to add an additional one, the method is very simple. A powered subwoofer can easily be installed by tapping into the built-in speaker wires. Split those wires and connect them to the subwoofer. Afterward, the unit will be wired into the electrical system. You do not need to worry about the money as cheap car subs are available in the market, and they are stout as well. 

Sometimes, settings of the audio system have also been changed without your knowledge, and that’s why the sound of bass appears less than normal. Before doing anything, just make sure about its settings. Open the menu and check tone controls. If you find it difficult to adjust, get the manual of your car and look for tone controls. 

Treble in sounds control is sometimes adjusted too high, turn it down a little. Moreover, you can also check fade and adjust it according to the rear speakers of the car stereo. This will yield the bass quality. Moreover, if you feel like settings and controls are perfectly adjusted, and the bass is still low, try giving a tweak to your car stereo. Most of the times, tuning modifies the bass sound and boosts it up very neatly. Other basic steps of improving the bass sound in car stereo are also present. 

Completely turn down the subwoofer amplifier gain whereas completely turn up the low pass filter. Also turn off the bass boost. Open up the head unit and go for tone controls. Now bring all the sound controls to the middle of their settings. Play a soundtrack that you listen quite often and also the one which has the range of all notes, i.e. high, mid, low. Now start adjusting the sound controls and set the volume between 25 percent and 75 percent. Now slowly, start turning up the gain present on the amplifier. Keep doing it until you listen to the sound of clipping. Turn back the amplifier gain till the moment you do not experience distortion anymore. 

Next step involves the adjustment of the low pass filter. For this purpose, bring down the low pass filter and wait till the time you do not experience sounds based on mid-frequency as well as high frequency. These include sounds of guitar or vocals, most probably coming out of the subwoofer. Tune up your subwoofer. One thing must be kept in mind that if you have an audio system in your car stereo, then it would also be tuned separately. Making changes in the adjustment of sub inside the car and, in some cases, even turning it around making a huge difference which can be easily detected. 

In this way, you can enjoy your favorite music in high quality while driving on your most favorable track.

Why Late Night Food In New York Is So Awesome

 New York, known as the city that never sleeps, wasn’t always that way for those who were searching for a late night meal. With the Big Apple having so many people working late, or attending shows at the theater until after regular kitchen hours, there were many souls who were left hungry. However, a major change occurred when 24-hour restaurants in Korea Town were proving to be popular. It wasn’t just because of the delicious food, it was also because of the convenient hours, and the personable staff. As restaurant owners began to take notice, a few of them have been remaining open much later into the night. However, not all those who made this decision succeeded. There were only some who knew what was needed to make it after dark. 

New York has always been a city of mixed cultures. For many immigrants it was their first, and sometimes only, stop within the United States. With the idea that making it in New York was proof that they had become successful, many planted roots and brought their traditional meals with them. This is why today there is such a plethora of choices in New York restaurants. But the evolution of the city’s food scene did not stop there. As more and more people traveled to New York, restaurants had to become more competitive to draw in customers. This meant that not everyone made the grade. 

While the process might have been a struggle at the time, today the food scene in the city is more well-rounded because of it. Recipes that have proven to work have reigned victorious over less satisfactory options. This progression has also affected late night food spots in New York. So far, only locations who are able to support staying open have been able to justify the later hours, but luckily they mirror the mixed cultures that raised New York up. This means amazing food after the sun has gone down. 

The late night restaurants in New York understand the types of food people are looking for, cheesy, flavorful, comfort food that, for many patrons, goes well with alcohol. People flock to places that understand that it might be around midnight, a time of the day where super healthy food is “not allowed”. While having a location to scarf down some late night comfort food sounds like all you need to have a good restaurant, there is one more factor that could tip the scales in another location’s favor. Hospitality. 

Of course, it is common knowledge that no one wants to eat at a restaurant where they do not feel welcome, but for these late night places, being nice just doesn’t cut it. People are looking for camaraderie, chef and waiters that know them, people that love the food as much as they do. Customers are looking to be friends with the workers and other visitors, and this friendship is what had them coming back for more. Restaurants that not only have great food, but can also fill patron’s desire for like-minded social interaction, are the ones who have truly made it in New York’s late night food scene. 

The future looks bright for these late night restaurants. Catering to a younger crowd, both for those looking to eat and those who are looking for work, these locations are constantly having new ideas brought to them. New ideas means exciting and keeping customers interested. Being a bit of a niche activity has also had great rewards for these restaurants so far, and there doesn’t seem to be a finish line in sight. By combining well-testing recipes and camaraderie, the late night food scene in New York has become nothing short of awesome.